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There is a crow sitting outside the window on the power line and he is staring at me! Isn't Jared getting a little old to be listening to punk rock?


Jared wasn't around much today. He told me he was going to work on his art. But, the bamboo plant told me he heard him talking on the phone to another couch! I didn't want to believe the bamboo (cause he always lies) BUT when Jared came home, his ass smelled like LEATHER!
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    Jared in the shower.

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Jared sat around in his underwear reading comic books and watching videos all day. I think he's kind of loaded, but he seems to be smiling.

DoBe DoBe DoBe....

The weather's finally turning up here. I'm so glad to be back in a place that has seasons. San Diego was so boring; sun all the time. Now i get to watch the leaves falling off the trees in the park, squirrels hiding nuts... and the bums, they seem to dissipate slightly from the alley. Maybe jared'll put me in the balcony outside for a day or two. I could get air out my vinyl, try to get rid of that nasty cucumber smell.

Oh, gotta go. Jared wants the computer.

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People keep emailing me to ask if I'm a boy or a girl. I don't really know. I don't seem to have any genitalia. It's one of those things I've never been sure about. I like to play with matchbox cars, and fart jokes make me laugh, but I could just be a tomboy or something. I like to hum. Do girls hum? I am electric blue. If I was a girl couch, would I have been made pink?

Jared eats entirely too much oatmeal.

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today was pretty standard:

some man yelled in the alley for a while.
watched some soaps
played solitaire on the computer
birdies sat on the wires
i made another $.05

jared seemed grumpy. i wish i knew how to make soup. anyway, he should be home soon....

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I had such a nice day. Jared went to work and then Athena let herself in with a key (?) and played on his computer and danced around listening to the Creatures. Athena snuck out right before Jared came home from work.